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Braeside School

Thank you for inviting us to see the dinosaurs at Ripley last Thursday.  The YR1 children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they were definitely in awe of the life size T-Rex and Triceratops!  They were absolutely enthralled by all of the dinosaurs, your actors really brought them to life. The children enjoyed learning the ‘dinosaur song’ and sang it on the way back to school, I’ve also heard a few renditions in the playground this week.  On Friday 1C  wrote a story entitled ‘The Day I Met a Dinosaur’ which was a great success.

Thank you again for such an inspiring afternoon in such a lovely venue.

Braeside School
Magpie Dance

I have had wonderful feedback from our parents and dancers that came: “We had a lovely time last Thursday” “Jake loved the creativity and realistic looking dinosaur show” “The information given in a fun way!” “All the staff were really friendly and made us feel welcome”

Please could you thank the organisers of this event for inviting us. We had a great time!

Manager, Magpie Dance charity for young people with special needs
Vue Cinema

We had an amazing time today…overall a real sense of pure joy. It’s safe to say these Dino wranglers have a dangerous job! Thoroughly worth it! Thank you very much!

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