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Fossil Talks

Not your traditional dusty old lecture on fossils!

A roarsome show full of
fascinating fun facts!

Baxter the T.rex, Tiny the huge Triceratops – or both – will join in the fun alongside the Dino Babies … AND volunteers from the audience!

Starring Dr Fossil and his fabulous collection of interesting and unusual fossils:

  • Teeth and claws
  • Various Dinosaur Eggs (Can you tell the difference between a Galia melon and a Brontosaurus egg?)
  • Stegosaurus Back Plate
  • Giant Triceratops Horn
  • 1m sq Tyrannosaurus Footprint
  • And more…!

All our replica fossils can be handled!

(Note – we do 4 shows running approximately 40 minutes each)


As every event is custom planned for you, please email or call us for a chat about your event and to see how we can help.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’ve amazed and entertained lots of schoolkids, and scared a few teachers too!

Chris and his team were very professional, great fun to work with and Dexter is the only feathered Dino I have seen so far!!! These guys are great!
Andy Day

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, CBeebies, BBC

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