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Corporate Events

Let our prehistoric creatures create a modern-day buzz

corporate events with prestige

Media Buzz

When Baxter or any of our dinos arrive, you can be certain that all eyes will be on them. Phones and cameras immediately come out and photos will be taken while some will shoot videos. In a matter of moments, many of these images will be across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, causing a flurry of social media activity – all with your company brand associated.

Launch Events

Opening a new store or launching a new product? Our dinos are the publicity stunt you need to get your event noticed. Wherever they go, a crowd is guaranteed outside your location. We can do funny performances (space permitting), ‘meet and greet’ sessions, ‘selfie photo-ops’ with the dinos, whatever you want – we’re happy to help!

Baxter can even play party games to entertain and involve younger visitors, like hide and seek, and ‘What’s the time, Mr Baxter?’

See the Parties Page for other game ideas. The game “British Bulldog” is probably not suitable. Baxter always wins at that.

Staff Rewards

Don’t forget your staff. No doubt, they have excelled in their work this year, and you’ll want to give them something different at the annual staff party to say thank you. Why not reward them with a visit from a dinosaur? You never know, maybe that grumpy old boss who won’t give you a raise might change his mind after a few moments alone with 7 ft T.rex!

Similarly, to make that staff away day or team-building event a bit more special, we can add to the experience! Contact us for ideas.


As every event is custom planned for you, please email or call us for a chat about your event and to see how we can help.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’ve created a huge buzz at a number of corporate events.

At Bank on Business the Bromley Expo we were delighted to welcome Dexter to our Launch Party. For a massive walking Dinosaur, he’s very well-behaved, even flirtatious! But I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him, I heard him roar and he could be very realistically frightening. It was a delight to work with RentaDinosaur who are so enthusiastic and flexible meeting our requests without hesitation. Our event was lifted to a big production feel and our clients were very surprised and impressed.
Cllr. Hannah Gray

Director, Business Expo Ltd

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