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Shopping Centres

Attract the crowds to your retaiL event

Massive Shopping Centre Events

Our dinosaurs love to roam shopping centres and high streets, and naturally draw big crowds as they do so. If you want your local community put on the map, or to get your new project in the papers, dinos are a great assist. They love seeing their picture in the papers with headlines like “Live Dinosaur Spotted in the High Street!”

Baxter, Tiny, or any member of the Dino Family are happy to lead a walk about, visiting stalls, shops, and brand attractions, space permitting of course. They tend to draw a big crowd which is great for attention but can cause an obstruction if not managed properly, so we are happy to liaise with you to make the day a success. The important thing for us is to promote your message, and ensure everyone has a memorable and fun day!

And who doesn’t like being nuzzled by a 7-foot high T-rex with a mouth full of sharp teeth?


As every event is custom planned for you, please email or call us for a chat about your event and to see how we can help.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’ve created lots of headlines on a number of high streets!

At Bank on Business the Bromley Expo we were delighted to welcome Dexter to our Launch Party. For a massive walking Dinosaur, he’s very well-behaved, even flirtatious! But I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him, I heard him roar and he could be very realistically frightening. It was a delight to work with RentaDinosaur who are so enthusiastic and flexible meeting our requests without hesitation. Our event was lifted to a big production feel and our clients were very surprised and impressed.
Cllr. Hannah Gray

Director, Business Expo Ltd

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