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If you’re looking for something more than a clown or balloon modeller, we have the answer. Dexter the Dinosaur is 4m long and 2.5m high at full stretch!

We can do a “meet and greet” session with all the children, or if you like, the special child can lead Dexter around to introduce him to all their friends. We have lots of exciting options for you – there are no “set activities”, We’re happy to do anything you like within the time constraints. Some examples of what we can do for you are:

  • An introductory “meet Dexter” performance.
  • A funny performance, with Dexter’s Wrangler getting him to do entertaining sketches involving members of the audience, and even slipping in some dinosaur education when nobody’s looking.

  • Runaround Games with Dexter – we can play Hide and Seek, ‘What’s the time, Mr Dexter?’ or anything else you like that’s practical. Pin the tail on the Dinosaur is NOT recommended.
  • Feed the dinosaur, with realistic foam meat!
  • We can do a short talk about dinosaurs, with museum quality replica Teeth and claws, that everyone can touch and hold, and even some genuine Spinosaurus Teeth, and real fossilised Dinosaur poo! (No, it doesn’t smell, but everyone always checks!)
      Please note – Dexter is too big to go through single doors, unless you have a very big house, with double doors! If you’ve heard of the term ‘Bull in a China Shop’, a little rampant bull has nothing on a Baby Tyrannosaurus rex!

“At Bank on Business the Bromley Expo we were delighted to welcome Dexter to our Launch Party. For a massive walking Dinosaur, he’s very well-behaved, even flirtatious! But I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him, I heard him roar and he could be very realistically frightening. It was a delight to work with RentaDinosaur who are so enthusiastic and flexible meeting our requests without hesitation. Our event was lifted to a big production feel and our clients were very surprised and impressed.”

Cllr. Hannah Gray

Director, Business Expo Ltd