Public Events

T. Rex Dinosaur walking down the street

Headline Event

If you’re looking for a big headline event to draw people to your fete or public event, Dexter won’t disappoint! At 4m long and 2.5m high at full stretch, he’s an amazing spectacle to witness. Most people’s first reaction upon seeing him is WOW! And of course, their second reaction is to take their phones out and start Tweeting and Facebooking!

You can charge a small fee for ‘Selfies with Dexter the Dinosaur’, or we can put on a show with Dexter doing tricks with individuals from the audience.

Shopping Centres

Dexter loves Shopping Centres and High Streets. If you want your local community put on the map, or to get your new project in the papers, Dexter is a great assistant. They love headlines such as “Live Dinosaur spotted in the High Street!”

He can even go for a walk around, visiting stalls and groups as long as your venue is large enough – Dexter tends to draw a big crowd that can cause an obstruction if not managed properly, so we would be happy to liaise with you to make the day a success. The important thing for us is to promote your message, and to ensure that everyone has a memorable and fun day!

And who doesn’t like being nuzzled by an 8 foot high mouth of sharp teeth?


As every event is custom planned for you, please email or call us for a chat about your event and to see how we can help.