Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur for hire!

You can hire this amazingly life-like 4-metre long, walking, roaring baby Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur! And he never eats children – well, hardly ever! If you’re looking to hire or rent a dinosaur for any corporate event, or launch a product, or want to book an amazing party entertainer, he’s guaranteed to create a buzz at any:

  • corporate launch
  • fun day
  • exhibition
  • School/Village Fete
  • birthday party, for the young or old!

He’s well trained, so he can be as frightening or as friendly as you’d like. He’s here to amaze your audience, whether at a Party (children or adults), a new store opening, an exhibition stand or a product launch. He’s certain to amaze, interact and entertain. In fact, he’s quite the little performer – he loves attention! When you hire or rent Dexter the Dinosaur, you’re getting a believable performance – He’s controlled by professional Creature Actors (Yes, that’s a real job!) and they train for years to study and understand behaviour and movement, to make this ultra realistic Dinosaur costume act and move as realistically as possible. When he looks at you and gets eye-contact, even though you know there’s someone inside, you still get that instinctive feeling that an 8 foot monster has just clocked you! We were very much inspired by the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Show baby T.Rex costumes, and their obvious commitment to perfection. He really is simply the most realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur for hire or rent in the UK! Others may claim to be the the best for hire, but the proof is in the pictures!

Meet the Team at Rentadinosaur!

Dexter the Dinosaur for hire!

Dexter the Dinosaur for hire!


  • Length: 4 Metres
  • Height: 3 Metres
  • Age: around 2 1/2 years old.
  • Weight: about half a ton.
  • Status: ought to be extinct
  • Food: about 2-3 KG per mouthful
  • Favourite Food: Toasted Triceratops
The Dinosaur Wrangler

The Dinosaur Wrangler

Dexter’s Wrangler is always on hand to entertain you, to guide Dexter the Dinosaur, and to make sure Dexter behaves himself! Sometimes the two can get up to mischief though! They can do ‘meet and greet’ walkabout sessions, funny interactive performances with the audience or outdoor dinosaur themed games – or any combination.

He’s always got an eye out for safety, as Dexter can look a little frightening to younger members of the audience, and he can be a little clumsy, so the wrangler is there to keep everyone safe and happy!

Rent a Dinosaur for:


Both children and adults will love to meet him, and children will remember the day they met a REAL Dinosaur for a long long time!


Whether it’s a publicity stunt or a family fun day, Dexter can’t fail to impress, and will likely cause a social media storm highlighting your brand! Everyone wants a selfie with Dexter the Dinosaur!

Public Events

For a village fete or a big town carnival, Dexter will draw crowds wherever he goes. We’re always happy to work with you, whatever you want – Performance or walkabout or both. Contact us now to hire Dexter the Dinosaur!

School Visits

Dexter will visit your School and his wrangler will give educational and entertaining talks on the amazing Tyrannosaurus Rex. With fossils and real teeth and various demonstrations with Dexter, he will inspire everyone.
Dinosaur eats baby!

Everybody’s Fascinated by Dinosaurs!

Almost everyone has happy memories of their childhood fascination with these long extinct monsters. When you hire or rent Dexter the Dinosaur for your event, your guests can’t help but be amazed and surprised. Wherever he goes, phones and video cameras come out, and social media will buzz with sightings and selfies with Dexter! Contact us at Rentadinosaur for more information on hire rates and performance options. (Details at the bottom)

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