Corporate Events

Corporate Dinosaur for hire

Media Buzz

When Dexter arrives, you can be certain that all eyes will be on him. Cameras come out, people will shoot video from their phones, and many of these images will go on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, causing a flurry of social media activity – all with your company brand associated.

Staff Rewards

Do you love your staff? Have they excelled in their work this year? Maybe you could reward them with a visit from Dexter.

If you’re having a staff awayday or team building event, Dexter can add to the experience! Call us for ideas.

If your office is big enough, he could even come and prank them with a visit! Everyone has a momentary fright but will soon be laughing hysterically at his antics around the office! Everyone will be filming and tweeting, and you might even have a viral video on your hands.

Launch Events

If you’re opening a new store or launching a product, Dexter is the publicity stunt you need to get your event noticed. Wherever Dexter goes, a crowd will form in the street, outside your location.

Family Fun Days

Modern companies often run family fun days. For larger companies, it’s a great way to help you get on the Sunday Times ‘Best companies to work for’ list. Dexter the Dinosaur can offer an exciting and fun day for the whole family. Parents and children alike will stand and stare, open mouthed at this apparently live dinosaur walking around in front of them!

We can do funny performances (in a 5 meter square area), ‘meet and greet’ sessions, ‘selfies’ with Dexter etc. Whatever you want – we’re happy to help! Dexter can even play party games for the younger visitors, like hide and seek, and ‘What’s the time, Mr Dexter?’
See the Parties Page for other game ideas.

The game “British Bulldog” is probably not suitable. Dexter always wins at that.


As every event is custom planned for you, please email or call us for a chat about your event and to see how we can help.